[PromptConf Chicago, USA] Building Mixed Reality Experiences

I was invited to give a talk on Web-based Mixed Reality in PromptConf Conference in Chicago, USA. The title of my talk was “Building Mixed Reality Experiences -from Zero to Hero”. This was my first time crossing the Atlantic Ocean. The tricky part was getting a US Visa Interview date. Fortunately,  I got an early interview appointment and got my VISA approved.

Now the big part: The Conference is a one-day single-track conference with many lightning talks lined up. Funny thing is, I traveled 10,000 miles all the way from India to the US to give a 10-minute lightning talk. To make the most of my travel, I also gave a talk in a local tech community meetup.

It was overall a great experience for me. This was the second time I am giving a lightning talk. The thing about the lightning talk is you need to be really well-prepared in advance and keep track on time so that you don’t exceed the time given to you. I had to shrink down my content to 10 minute such that I give my audience a good idea about my topic and help them take it further through their own research.

My talk went really well. It was well-received by my audience. Tweets on my talk were flowing in my news feed. I was personally satisfied after my talk.

Here are some tweets:


Here are some pics from the conference:


After a few days, I received this email from the Hostess of the Conference.


Cross-browser Extension workshop at OdessaJS, Ukraine

I was invited to host a workshop on Cross-browser Extension at OdessaJS which is the largest Javascript conference in Ukraine. It was hosted in the lovely city of Odessa which is situated near the Black Sea. It is called the pearl of the Black Sea. Speakers from over 14+ Countries around the world came here to present. I was fortunate to share the stage with some of the amazing talents of the JS Community.

This city is a touristy place. The summer season is the peak time. People flock from different parts of Europe to enjoy the summer in the Black Sea. Odessa has many Old french styled and Russian styled buildings. The largest opera theatre in Europe is situated in Odessa. I got the chance to visit that place. Also, Potemkin stairs is a famous tourist spot with an amazing view of the Black Sea.

I hosted a 2-hour workshop on Building Cross Browser Extension with javascript. We had around 60 participants for my workshop. It was received well by the audience. People loved it and they all built amazing web extensions by the end of the session.

Speaker’s lunch the previous day of the conference.


Here are some pictures from the conference:



[FOSSMeet’19 @NIT Calicut] Building Cross-browser Extension with JS

I was invited to give a talk on “Building Cross-browser Extension with JS” in the FOSSMeet Conference which is the largest Conference dedicated to FOSS(Free & Open Source Software) in India.

Every year, FOSSMeeet happens at NIT College, Calicut. I had the privilege to speak in front of an amazing group of FOSS Enthusiasts. It was a 2-day event. I hosted a 3-hour workshop on the first day of the event. We had nearly 80+ participants attending my workshop.

The event had a line-up of amazing speakers across the globe.



I really enjoyed my 2-day stay in Calicut. NIT has a beautiful campus. The volunteers were extremely helpful.  I love the hospitality. Everything was taken care of by the vibrant volunteer team right from picking me up from the airport, taking care of my food, accommodation, and travel.

IMG_20190216_093140.jpgWith my Co-speaker Bhuvana Meenakshi who spoke about Mixed Reality.



Selfie with the amazing Volunteers team.



Mozilla TS Meetup Paris 2018

It’s been a year since I joined the Mozilla’s Tech Speaker(TS) program.

Mozilla Tech Speakers are talented, trained technical speakers who present at conferences, organize workshops and trainings, and mentor others on technologies driving the open web.

Every year, the program conducts a training workshop for all the Tech Speakers. This year, the workshop was hosted in Mozilla’s office in Paris, France. The program committee invited over 30 tech speakers around the globe to Paris to train them and make them better speakers. The selection was based on the activities of the tech speakers. All the active Tech Speakers were invited and I was one among them. It was a great opportunity for me to learn from my peers. learn new technologies Mozilla launched recently and also a great chance to meet my fellow tech speakers whom I only met online.

This was my second International Trip after the Vietnam Trip which I covered in the previous post. I was very much excited and looking forward to the Event.

This TS Meetup is a 2-day event. We had workshops on Mixed Reality, Project things and Web Assembly.  We also had lightning talks by all the Tech Speaker who attended. I gave a talk on Cross Browser Web Extension. I had previously given this talk already in India. SO it was naturally convenient for me to choose this talk. The purpose of this session during the TS meetup is to assess the Tech Speakers on their speaking skills and provide feedback based on that. The panel members were really brilliant and gave really good feedback to each and every Tech speaker who gave a talk there which I hope was really helpful.



Finally, A group pic with all my fellow tech speakers. That’s me in the yellow and black stripe t-shirt in the center.42058914_306237813441219_4277960101681168384_o

[DevDay Da Nang] Automate database migration using flywayDB framework

I was invited to give a talk on the FlywayDB framework at DevDay Da Nang, Vietnam which is one of the most popular tech conferences in the Da nang Area. It is a free event that was sponsored by Axon Active. Every year, They strive to make it bigger and DevDay 2018 was a life-changing moment for me as it was my first talk outside the country. I put on my first step towards becoming a growing International tech speaker.

Here is the Slide Deck.


Here are some pics from the Conference


I had a great experience at my First International Trip. Vietnamese are extremely nice and they are well-mannered. The only problem I faced was the Language. Not many people understand English in Vietnam especially in the Da nang area. During the Pre-Event party, I was told about this and was suggested to talk slowly to the audience that way they could understand the speaker better. I kept that in my mind during my talk. Rest, everything was perfect and this experience gave me more confidence speaking in front of the international audiences.

I’d be delighted to give a talk again if I get a chance. Thanks for the hospitality, DevDay.




Addons Hack @ KCG Maker Space

Web Extension Activity Feedback:

Link to the proposal: https://docs.google.com/document/d/104gpmlpohoLVKjMUAN9SM_Bf90wAiLJg5lxPJ_HDMQQ/edit?ts=58adde4d#

Audience Background:

10 Engineering Students from CS/IT Streams

  • 30% – 2nd year
  • 10% – 3rd year
  • 60% – 4th year

Day 1

WhatsApp Image 2017-07-29 at 13.14.08

Meeting 1 & Meeting 2:

  • Introduction to Web Extension
  • Brainstorm ideas
  • paper prototyping the ideas


First, we started with what is firefox addons, Why web extension? And I talked about E10S, Multi process architecture. Then we introduced Web Extension and asked the students to try out different addons from addons.mozilla.org.

After this, Everyone was divided into a group of 2 and asked them to think of a brilliant idea for building addons and they were asked to follow the Open Innovation Toolkit guidelines. All their ideas were recorded as issues in the below link:



Feedback 1: Students really loved prototyping their ideas on paper. Drawing out their ideas on charts and brainstorming, reiterating and gathering feedback on their ideas really worked out well. Everyone enjoyed this session.

But the Only concern is the placement of this Session. We should first introduce them to few API’s and what it can do. Once they experience by developing simple addon using these basic API’s. They will get an idea what an addon could do and what it couldn’t.



Everyone came up with a lot of ideas. The problem lies in the fact that, the students think it as some mobile app and the ideas they share are either complex to solve through web extension or totally non-feasible with our existing API’s.

This is because the students are only given the basic introduction of addons and they have no clue on the capability of it.
Feedback 2: We already have a firefox-addons/ideas repo here: https://github.com/firefox-addons/ideas where the community post their add-on ideas that they are about work on.

Is this repo needed? Redundancy!


Suggestion: Let’s use the firefox-addons repo for idea submission. We shall ask the campus students participating in our activity to add a label on GitHub to identify that the ideas are from CC students.

Day 2:


Meeting 3:


  • Build & test your Web Extension


As we were not able to proceed with building the add-on based on the proposed ideas. The students were taught with simple API’s like new tab API, Alarm API, notification API etc and asked them to build a small add-on using them.

Feedback 1: First 2 meetings went really well as it didn’t involve any code. But once the meeting 3 was started, people really had no idea where & how to start. No clarity on how to proceed with building the addon.

Feedback 2: One more thing I observed that Not all Engineering students are expert with HTML, CSS, and javascript. In fact, this is introduced to students while they are in 3rd and in the final year.
Out of the 10 participants, only 4 knew the basics of javascript. The only good thing is that these people can be trained well. But for this to happen, There needs to be a change in the Activity Flow.

Suggested Activity Flow:

Day 1) Introduction to Web Extension.

Day 2) Introduction to Adoons API: Introduce 3-4 API’s and ask them to do a simple Web Extension using these API.

Day 3) Similar to the previous week, Introduce them to another 3-4 API’s.

Day 4) Brainstorm ideas & gather feedback on the ideas. Finally paper prototype the idea.

Day 5) Build & test your Web Extension.


Addons School: This is Similar to web VR School, Addons School is a teaching kit which explains about at least 8-10 simple APIs and a sample add-ons developed using these API’s. Viswaprasath and I are already working on this course kit and we have started testing it out in the name of Weeks of Contribution program in Mozilla Tamilnadu Community. In this program, Every week we introduce the students to 3-4 new API’s and teach them to build a simple add-ons using them. By the end of these sessions, Students will know what are the API’s available and use these to build on their ideas.

I have shared an activity format for Web Extension which we are following in our community as a part of Weeks of contribution program:

All Credits to Viswaprasath for framing the agenda which is available in the below link: 



How will this help the rest of the people (6/10 in my Case Study) who doesn’t know the basics of HTML, CSS, JS?

This is, in fact, a challenging part. But, Introducing them to API’s and asking them to build simple add-on will help them to learn what actions each JS code does. So they can use it in their own ideas. This will motivate them to develop addon as well.


My First Talk in ILUGC Meetup

Feb 11, 2017(Sunday)

ILUGC( Indian Linux Users Group Chennai) is one of the oldest community in Tech Chennai and running for past 10 years actively. My intention to attend this meetup was to meet one of the amazing open source community contributor Shrinivasan who has always been a source of inspiration to many, To know more about his contribution. Please do check out his blog goinggnu.


Indian Linux Users Group, Chennai community meets every month on second Saturday at Aerospace Engineering Block, IIT Madras.

Speaker 1:

Ajay started with Various open source licenses available and explored their pros and cons. Explained how the Open Core business model is helping many companies to do their business by open sourcing the core of their software and releasing the other components as proprietary software.


IMG_9393See the slides here


Speaker 2:

Then, Viswaprasath, Mozilla Rep explained about Firefox’s new web extensions API. Now we can builcross-browserer extensions using simple HTML/JavaScript/CSS stack. No need to play around with XUL. He explained the architecture of a simple plugin he developed.



Few links to explore on this






Speaker 3:

Then, I started off my talk on webVR- Virtual reality through browser. I explained about the WebVR API, Aframe Framework, how one can create 3d worlds that can be viewed on browser itself, Sample demo using Aframe. Entity component system. How to compose your own component and use it to your entity.

A-frame is a Javascript framework on top of threejs.



Few links




Then, I explained how the mozilla Tamilnadu community is working to spread Free/Open Software in colleges and organizations.

Join the awesome community to learn and contribute for free software.




Speaker 4:

Finally, Srinivasan gave a lightning talk on few projects ideas that has to be worked out. A firefox plugin to help proofreading tamil wikisource, flipboard alternate in tamil, epub cleaning for FreeTamilEbooks.com, Download report for wikisource ebooks, web application for OCR4WikiSource, Translating city/street names in Tamil for building maps in Tamil.

Then in evening myself and Viswa had chance to talk with Sayaji -Club Lead of KCG, Chennai. He is planning for a 24 hour hackathon in his college. Then We went and met some of the contributors of WOC who contributed along with Survesh. It was an amazing day in Chennai after a very long time.

Want to know when next meet happens? Join the ILUGC mailing list at https://www.freelists.org/list/ilugc

Link to photo Album