Firefox OS App days Pre-Event Discussion

Hi folks,

This is karthickeyan, Club lead of EEC Firefox Club of SRM Easwari Engineering College, chennai.

I have been into Mozilla as Firefox Student Ambassador for more than few months.And here I write my first blog post.

As we had our Department Symposium that is scheduled on January 30, 2015. we planned for firefox OS App Development Workshop on the Event day. We took greater initiative to make this Workshop as FREE to public and We Succeeded in it.

On January 28th 2015 07:00PM I had invited our Well known Mozilla Contributor and Mozilla Rep ViswaPrasath for a Pre-Event Discussion near DLF, Ramapuram.

We discussed on various topics that would be covered for the Workshop and he had brought Swags along with him for giving it to Active participants during the Workshop.WP_20150129_001

And later we started discussing about the Areas where one could contribute to mozilla and he explained me the hierarchies in mozilla, and also he told how he had contributed initially and his passion towards mozilla. His contributions and dedication has definitely created a big impact on me and also he is a good motivator.

We also discussed on firefox os app development, Bug fixing, App Submissions, App Reviewing. Since he was into App Reviewing, he explained the entire Structure how the process of App reviewing goes on.

Finally We had small talk on Add-ons Development, FSA Activities. We had almost 2 full hours of talks on Mozilla and it was definitely worth the hours spent with him šŸ™‚



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