Firefox OS App Days at SRM Easwari

Hi friends,

this is karthickeyan, Club lead of EEC firefox Club….

Here i would like to talk about our recent Workshop on firefox OS app days which we hosted on jan 30 2015 during our Department Symposium “Pinnacle 15”


With lots of pressure from our College, finally managed to conduct a Free Workshop on Firefox OS App development.

I had previously met Sachin and Viswaprasath personally who had given me insights on how to organize an event. With the Guidance of our Mozilla Rep ViswaPrasath, I took the first step in, As a club lead of EEC Club.

JAN 30, 2015:

It was the Symposium day., As i was the Vice president of the Department, I had to take up the responsibility of Coordinating all the Events during the Symposium.

After the Inaugural of our Symposium. I was contacted by our Mozilian Sachin who accepted my invitation to take up a seminar on firefox os app dev.

He had reached the main auditorium by 09:00AM…

We started our workshop at 10:00AM.

We had overwhelming response for the firefox OS workshop.. We had 58 participants for the workshop who were eager to learn about mozilla and firefox OS

Sachin Started the Session by talking about “what is mozilla?” “What is FSA?”  He explained to the people the ways to contribute to mozilla.


The participants were much interested to learn about mozilla. Sachin told them ways to get involve like SuMo, QA, Localization, Firefox OS App Developer etc. He Chalked out the Hierarchy of Mozilla Community



Then We Started the Main topic. THE FIREFOX OS.

topics covered were:

Introduction to firefox OS

What is Open Web

Boot to gecko project

What are Web Standards


Web API’s

he then explained what is GONK, GECKO and GAIYAWP_20150130_005

followed by highlighting the opportunities for the Firefox OS Developers.

Then he gave introduction to Firefox Nightly, and explained how to Create manifest file and then install the app and publish it in the Marketplace.WP_20150130_008

He created a demo App and explained the API’s used in it..

We had quiz sessions in between the seminar. We gave Stickers, Mozilla Bands, tattoos for the Active participants


The Session ended at 1:00PM.

Since We had been given less time, We were able to cover only an overview of all important topics.

We received positive response from our participants. We were requested to conduct a App-a-thon in our college on firefox OS


Due to good number of Requests from lots of people,We have decided to conduct a 2 days App-a-thon at Easwari Engineering College in the coming month. 🙂

See you soon!



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