My First Contribution to L10N

Hey Guys,

Here is my Story on how I Started my Journey towards Mozilla Localization.

It was on 26th feb around 4:00PM: I got the notifcation on Mozilians Chennai group on facebook that mentioned Capture

Previously ViswaPrasath had told me about Localization when we had a meet long before. We were discussing on the Various Way to contribute to mozilla then. HE had explained me well about Localization.I was very much interested in tamil localization.

Before I move further, I ll just give a short explanation of what Localization is.

Localization is translating the Mozilla Help contents, Documentations in regional Languages.Since English is not known by all, Localization is very Important So that Every human on planet can read it in his own Language.

How will be the task in Localizaition?

tasks are simple translation.

You will be having  various Sections to translate. You can select one section.,(Say Appmaker), And there will be a number of words and Sentences for which you will be assigned to translate it to your own language.

back to my story….

On Seeing the Post on fb, i was able to recall the convo we had regarding the Need for Localization.

I immediately pinged ViswaPrasath on fb regarding How to Start to contribute in tamil Localization.

He immediately added my mail ID to the Transfeix and sent me the invite.

He gave a task to translate Appmaker in Tamil… I took up the Task as a challenge and tried to complete almost all the words given there..
It had entirely a new experience. Translating words was Seriously Fun.


If you like to Contribute to Mozilla through Localization. Feel free to throw your Queries in the Comment Section or drop an Email to


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