My First Contribution to MDN

Hey Peeps, Here is the Experience on my Contribution towards Mozilla Developers Network. It was on Feb 16, 2014 where i started my first contribution to MDN. On Feb. 16 @ around 7:00PM , My Mentor and Guide ViswaPrasath pinged me on facebook and asked me to complete a new task of Documenting the Firefox OS Devices which are available in India. I was super Excited because Contributing to Mozilla makes me happy. I immediately took up the task. I Initially Couldn’t figure it out as to where to start. Viswa anna then guided me, from Signing up to MDN and Cloning the Existing page. I started Step by Step. The Phone i chose to Document was Zen U105-Fire. Capture I collected all the Necessary Data from the Official Site and from various Sites and gathered as much as needed. The Details such as

  • CPU
  • Camera
  • SIM
  • Battery
  • Display
  • Resolution
  • Internal memory
  • External memory
  • Size
  • Weight
  • Availability
  • Price

I then Linked up Official hand-on video of that device. It Just took me an Hour to complete the task as a newbie. I then Liked Documenting for Devices. I started Documenting for various other Devices like the LG FireWeb..  The very Next Day, I got a notification from the Mozilians Chennai Group on Facebook. Where Viswaprasath Appreciated my Work which was totally Unexpected. And I was very happy and this motivated me to Further Contribute to MDN projects. Capture Here is the Link to my Contribution

Zen U105-Fire

LG fireweb


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