Kidzilla Event at Government Middle School, Pudupair Village

March 26th, 2015:

This is the day when i realized Gandhiji’s sayings., “India Lives in villages“.

I always wished to interact with the School students in the Villages than the urban Kids.

It was a bit of grief, because Even a Class 8 Student in that village was unaware about internet.

This was when i decided to conduct regular Kidzilla Events in Villages.

The Urban kid will anyway learn about internet. but what will be the fate of a Village kid. With heart Full of Determination to spread Web Literacy. I took on my First Session about the basics of computer and Internet to the Class 6 Students of Government Middle School in Puduper Village

At 8:00 AM i departured to Puduper Village with few Mozilla goodies that i was left with during the last Event.

At 9:30, I reached the Goverment School. I was welcomed by the school management.

The School is tamil medium based.So i took the session fully in Tamil so that everyone understand clearly.

The session was for 3 hrs. I slowly started explaining students about computer and internet basics, and every now and then i raised questions to which many students answered boldly and correctly.

Students were given Mozilla Stickers, tatoos and badges who told the right answers. This encouraged many students to interact, and they were all listening keenly so that they can get goodies by answering my questions.

WP_20150323_018 WP_20150325_009 WP_20150325_010 WP_20150325_011 WP_20150325_012 WP_20150325_016 WP_20150325_018 WP_20150325_025 WP_20150325_027 WP_20150325_031 WP_20150325_032 WP_20150325_039

At the End of the Day i was Satisfied in my work. And I then decided to Spread web literacy to Village Students.


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