Mozilla at Android Amaze in VIT University

21st March 2015:

Android Amaze- 24hrs hackathon, Record Breaking Event-The Biggest of its kind at VIT University,Chennai Campus11008415_1090868007609238_3553702149458230344_n

A moment of Satisfaction when i was invited to Join along with other mozilians to promote Mozilla in that Event. I readily agreed upon and Committed to give the best of what i can.

2 Weeks Prior, We Started the preparation along with other Mozilians and Reps.

and here’s the list of mozilians:

  • Tejdeep( Club lead of VIT MozClub )
  • Viswaprasath(Rep)
  • Achyuth(Rep)
  • Abhiram
  • Karthickeyan(me)
  • Manivannan
  • Franklin
  • Subhash Daggubati


[INSIDE PIC: (From left) Viswaprasath, Manivannan, Abhiram, Karthickeyan(me),  Achyuth, Franklin, Subash]

And We were guided by Viswaprasath and GauthamRaj(Reps) what and How to make this event successful.

At 10:00AM:

All the mozilians reached the Venue. This is the Coolest University i have ever visited.VIT Chennai is a beautiful place with tall buildings and a Splendid Ambience.

We then Set up Moz Booth that comprises of

  • FSA Stall
  • Mozilla Stumbler
  • Firefox OS

Firefox OS Stall was handled by Viswaprasath.

FSA Stall was done by Abiram Kumar,Achyuth, Manivannan and me.

Mozilla stumbler was handled by Franklin and Subhash.

Viswaprasath got his Firefox Flame,Intex and Spice phones along with him to Display in the stall.

IMG_20150321_143059004_HDRIMG_20150321_135736397_HDR   IMG_20150321_151216938_HDR

This Event is a 24hours of Android App Development. In between lots of tech talks were going on.

And by 11:00AM, We were all Set with our Stall.

We then requested to make an announcement about the Mozilla Stall to the participants.

By few minutes, We started receiving many good response from the participants. Many asked about Mozilla. We then Explained what mozilla is and also explained them how one could contribute to Mozilla.

We then had firefox os Phones for Display. People were amazed by its affordable cost and Beautiful Simplified and Intitutive Interface.


We had varied participants comprising of Students,Faculties, Industry experts, Employees etc.


By Evening, We had talked to over 300+ visitors of the Stall about Mozilla. and that was the Achievement i felt.


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