Firefox Growth campaign – Vellore

Hello Guys,

This is my second Firefox Growth Campaign and Mozilla Awareness Session conducted in Vellore.

I had many friends in vellore who has been involving in many Social Cause Campaigns and Social Welfare Clubs.I was Inspired by their passion and dedication in creating an impact in the lives of people.

These people were part of clubs were they organize web literacy camps to Underprivileged Children.

After hearing these Inspiring stories, I approached them and wanted to Share what Mozilla has got for them, and how Mozilla is striving for a similar vision and mission like theirs.One of my Friend Abdul mohassin, A student from Global Institute of technology saw few of my posts on Kidzilla and Mozilla Events. He called me and asked me about the Mozilla Stuffs I have been sharing on my FB page.He was so much inspired by the work and Mozilla’s mission. His Reply was “I want to be part of this.”I then Arranged for a half day session on Mozilla and also on Firefox v38 Release celeberation.I basically Started from the Features of latest firefox Browser

  • Pocket Integration
  • Forget Option
  • Reader View
  • Firefox Hello

and then I asked my First question. What is Mozilla and Firefox?I got a Reply from one of the attendees, Microsoft makes internet explorer and likewise Mozilla makes firefox.I gave him some swags for his cool reply., IMG-20150620-WA0005and then I  Started to talk about basics of Internet, How Search Engine works and then I enlightened them about Privacy on Internet.They were Awestruck hearing the facts on privacy. I also told everyone to Download firefox browser to be safe on Internet.We then had some snacks and cakes for 15-20 minutes.And then Resumed our Sesion on Mozilla’s Mission. I showed them Mozilla Story Video on youtube.WP_20150620_003I explained on Mozilla Contribution areas., and told them the Hierarchy in Firefox Student Ambassador program. Since Everyone were college-goers, they were delighted to spread mozilla love in their campus and rock on as a FSA member.Everyone of them registered for FSA immediately.

Finally we took few selfies 😀IMG-20150620-WA0022 IMG-20150620-WA0021

The Swags that I gave off to the attendees 🙂


View more Pics on Flickr: Click here

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