Weeks of Contribution program- Documentation Week

The week of contribution program is a Online Training program on Mozilla Contribution area and Its a 2 months long Program conducted by Mozilla tamilnadu Community.

Each week one Mozilla Contribution area is chosen and Experts from Mozilla tamilnadu Community take over the Live sessions on Google hangouts and on IRC.

This encourages and Motivates more people to Contribute to Mozilla. Since it is an online event, Any one can participate from any corner at their own pace and at their own place.

Mozilla tamilnadu Community has been recognized worldwide with one of our Active contributor Mohammed Adam who was Chosen as the “FSA of the month-July 2015”.

So Far, We have covered topics like:

  • MLS Contest
  • Localization
  • Add-on development
  • Firefox OS App Development
  • Website Creation for Firefox Clubs in tamilnadu on Github
  • Womoz-Women in Mozilla

And For this Week,I took a Session on “MDN Contribution and Documentation”.

Around 8:30PM, I aired on a live hangout session. We had good number of participants from various corners of Tamilnadu as well as from other states of India.

The Session took place for 45mins. and then the Event was followed by a Q&A Session on our IRC channel.

Here is the hangout Video:

Here is the Link to the Slides:

Etherpad Link:


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