Weeks of Contribution program- An Initiative by Mozilla Tamilnadu Community

Hey guys,

Our Mozilla Tamilnadu Community’s Flagship Initiative this year is the WOC [ Weeks of Contribution] program.

WOC program Concept was initiated by our Mozilla rep Viswaprasath KS. The aim of this program is to bring more contributors to Mozilla.

It will also be a great opportunity for those who are in remote places and lack exposure. Since most of the Reps are in cities and chances are less for the Students in remote places to get a Live experience.

Hence we decided to make it ONLINE, so that everyone can access it from anywhere and anytime.

The Concept:

-Every Week, One of the contributors from our community takes initiative to take a session on one particular area of contribution that he/she is familiar with over Hangouts on Air.
-We then Create a FB Event page, Etherpad link, IRC channel and invite people on FB, Twitter, Telegram and through our Community mailing list.
-Each Session lasts up to 30-40 minutes approx. and ends with a Q & A Session over IRC. participants asks their doubts on IRC
-After the session. We conduct a Hands-on Workshop on the following week on what we taught over IRC.
[Say, We had one Session on Localization taken by Mozilla Rep Khaleel jageer of our community. On the following week we had IRC session where he helped lots of new contributors on creating a new account on verbatim and also instructed step by step, such that everyone learns together and if anyone gets stuck, We were all there to help.]
[For App Dev, ViS has encouraged many new contributors to create a GitHub page for their clubs and then create a App for their Club Website. We also have an active telegram group for ‘App Development team’]
We have covered topics like
  • Localization by Khaleel [REP]
  • MDN & Documentation by Karthic Keyan[ myself]
  • App Development by Viswa [ REP, FSA-Eboard]
  • Add-ons Development by Naresh [ REP, Senior Contributor]
  • WOMOZ by Shivika Sinha [ Club Lead, Super cool FSA]
  • MLS by Viswaprasath
  • SuMo by Khaleel
  • Club Website creation by Viswa
We thought that, to reach many FSA’s throughout the region, The only easiest and feasible way is through online activities.
To encourage participation and create a competitive as well as fun environment., We conducted Contests.
Like MLS contests, Localization Contests, Logo Design contests etc. We have a local leaderboard that is setup in our Community website. We track our local participants in sync with the global leaderboard scores and update the same in our local leaderboard and give away swags at the end of the contests for the top scorer.
Our community has grown with Awesome new contributors through this program and We believe this WOC Program will bring a good attention if implemented in other Communities also.
Meanwhile you can also check out my WOC program on Documentation and MDN- CLICK HERE

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