Mentoring FSA gowtham for his first event in Madurai

Gowtham Venkat is a FSA  from Amrita University in Coimbatore. He is doing his 2nd year Graduation in CS. He has the passion to learn things and share it to his friends.

He contacted me for guiding him in conducting his very first event. Initially we discussed to conduct in his college. But knowing the fact that, Mozilla has to reach even the place where Literacy rates are poor. We Decided to conduct a Event in Madurai, Tamilnadu.

We discussed on the Agenda and planned to conduct in a College at first. At the last moment , College couldn’t help us with the venue since the students had End Sem Examinations. So Gowtham along with kavitha-FSA from madurai contacted a private Company for a Space to conduct event on November 7. and we got the venue confirmed.

I framed the agenda and prepared talking points for him to speak during the session. Check out the Agenda on the Etherpad here:

I asked him to learn about various topics from mozilla wiki and asked him to keep it updated with lots of information.

A few days before the Event, One of the Senior faculty of the venue sponsor offered us a independent Working Space for all Mozilla related activities.

He was already offering students nearby to utilize the space for learning.He was too generous to provide us with his privately owned Space for Mozilla events which also had a WiFi connection. We named it as MozSpace.

We then created a Poster and posted on telegram, FB groups and mailing lists. We opened our registration and circulated it to students in and around madurai.12189437_1486111628361806_2391477252544035620_o.jpg

Also visit the Blogpost of Gowtham regarding the planning

With enough preparation and support from various people, Hope He will rock his first event.

[UPDATE]: Event conducted Successfully, 25+ participants. blogpost:

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