Mozilla introductory Session & L10N Workshop at Amrita University, Coimbatore

Date: 14-11-2015 [Saturday]

Venue: Amrita Vishwa vidyapeetham, Coimbatore

Nos of Participants: 35+

Khaleel Jageer- Mozilla rep and ta-localizer planned to conduct a localization event in Amrita univeristy, Coimbatore.

He invited me to give a session talk on Mozilla Contribution and Community Building.

On Nov 14th, @ 7:00AM I reached Coimbatore Bus Stand. There I met khaleel. He had reached the venue an hour earlier. We were meeting for the first time in-person. We had several telephonic convos and FB Chats previously.I was so much excited to meet him. He is incredibly the wonderful man with whom you can spent talking about the FOSS philosophy and how it can change one’s perspective of viewing things.

We got the cab which the college had provided for us. We then talked talked and talked until we reached the Amrita college.

I should not miss to tell this, THIS College is really Splendid. The beautiful hills, cool climate and greenery around. It was like a botanical garden than to be a college. You will feel fresh and energetic once you reach this place.


We were then took to the Guest house and we got refreshed. The Club lead Raghav received us and took us to for breakfast.We then headed on to the Computer Lab.

View from guest house:


Since it was holiday for the college, we only got a decent number of 35+ participants.



I started off the session with Introduction to FOSS philosophy, What Mozilla is, Why Mozilla and its products.I then gave a brief introduction about each and every contribution area of mozilla.


We then had a Q & A session where lot of people came up with interesting queries like:

  • Where do Mozilla gets funds from? 
  • Without getting money from people, how company like mozilla runs?
  • I dont know anything about programming, but want to contribute to firefox os app dev. What should i do?
  • Does Mozilla pays for our contribution?
  • How did you become a RAL?
  • Where should I start to contribute first?
  • Will I get job in Mozilla if i contribute?

and many more…



Then around 11:30, Khaleel followed up the event by giving hands-on session on Localization.

He told the difference between localization and translation. he explained why localization is important. He then introduced to tools like verbatim, pootle.


He asked everyone to create a account on website.

and then we downloaded language tools and installed it in out systems. We then started to localize words and sentence on Mozilla verbatim.

We had participants who localized content in many languages like tamil, malayalam, telugu, hindi, french. To encourage people to localize more and more strings. We announced  gift prizes for those who finishes with more number of strings. Later we then added all the localizer names to the Respective wiki page.



It went on till 1:30 and we left for Lunch. We then had our lunch buffet and came back to the spot.



We announced the winners of the localization sprint and gave them Mozilla tees.


Finally. A group picture. Everyone posing  in the Foxy Style 😀


Later that, We had a Small Community meetup where we discussed about the roadmap and future events. We also created a Events calendar for the coming year.This discussion went on till 6:30PM.



We then got freshen up, had our dinner and then headed to the bus stand. End of the Trip.

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