MozStall at PES University, Bangalore south Campus

Date: October 2 & 3 2015

venue: PES university South Campus, bangalore

Nos of Attendees: 200+C__Data_Users_DefApps_AppData_INTERNETEXPLORER_Temp_Saved Images_21880034642_be6f446d6f_z
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Abhiram- RAL from bangalore invited me to his college to conduct a MozStall during InGenius hackathon that is to be held in his college in bangalore.  I accepted the invitation and was ready for my first Mozilla event outside Tamilnadu.

Arrived Bangalore on October 1 22:00hrs in Bangalore.

Checked in the hotel and met Mozilla rep and RAL Akshay Tiwari from Hyderabad. it was the first time we were meeting.

On October 2: Around 9:00AM we took a cab and reached the venue PES university, South Campus. Campus was So beautiful with majestic tall buildings. Since it was a national holiday, There was no traffic jam reaching the venue, which is expected to be worst during other days.

In the college, We met Soumya Deb-he is a tech evangelist and Cofounder of Applait. He is also a Mozilla rep who resides in bangalore. He was already in the venue an hour back.

We were all recieved by Abhiram Ravikumar– RAL from bangalore and other Mozillians from MVIT firefox Club who were already there on the venue. We all finally set our stall by 10:30.

InGenius hackathon had a huge number of participants mostly from PES College and few from other colleges that also includes Students from NIT Trichy. We had a great number of Developers/geeks and i was super excited to meet them all.

Soumya Deb and Abhiram gave a small introduction talk to the gathering and also announced about the MozStall that was set up right next to the Hackathon Hall.

We got lot of swags to give away to the audience.

Initially we had a slow moving crowd. In an hour our Stall was over flowed with many number of Developers asking us about Mozilla and FSA program.We answered lot of queries, also we gave away swags to the people.We also had queries related to Firefox Developer Edition, QA in Mozilla.

Mohammed Rafy- A fellow mozilian & Intern at Scrollback gave a surprise visit to the Event. We discussed about the event and future plans in expanding the Mozilla community.

We then had our lunch and then resumed our Work till 6PM. After talking to lot of people. We were all tired and were slowly leaving the venue by 7pm after our dinner.

Photos: The three FSA- RAL’s in one pic.

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We, The RAL’s  were featured in Mozilla blog. Check out



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