Setting up the MozillaTN Taskforce

To increase Mozilla Contribution and involvement of Firefox Student Ambassadors in the Committee. Similar to the Mozilla India taskforce. Mozilla Tamilnadu Created Taskforce Teams for the tamilnadu community.


This taskforce aims to bring more contribution activities and involvement of students to the Mozilla Tamilnadu Community.

The listof Taskforce

1) Webmaker Taskforce:

Mentor: gauthamraj Elango | FSA-Eboard,Mozilla rep

2) SuMo Taskforce:

Mentor: jayakumar Sadhasivam | Mozilla Rep

3) Coding taskforce:

Mentor: Vikneshwar | Mozillian

4) Add-ons Development taskforce:

Mentor: Naresh Kumar| Mozilla Rep

5) Firefox OS App Dev taskforce:

Mentor: Viswaprasath KS | FSA Eboard, Mozilla Rep

6) Firefox Student Ambassador Taskforce:

Mentor: Karthickeyan(me) | FSA- RAL

Peers: Abhiram Ravikumar | FSA-RAL

7) Localization Taskforce: 

Mentor: Khaleel Jageer | Mozilla rep , ta-localizer

Peers: Gowtham venkat | Mozillian, Club lead Amrita Univ, Coimbaotore

8) Documentation Taskforce:

Mentor: Mohammed Adam | Mozillian, Club Lead Mailam Engg college, Villupuram

9)Evangelism Taskforce:

Mentor: Vigneswaran.D | Mozilla Rep

10) Geolocation Taskforce:

Mentor: Makilan | Mozillian

This list was finalized based on the performance, Activities and Applications submitted by the FSA’s after the WOC program.

To know what WOC program is, Check this out:

Hope this taskforce teams  will work with dedication and determination to improve and increase Mozilla’s presence in Tamilnadu and far.

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