My First Talk in ILUGC Meetup

Feb 11, 2017(Sunday)

ILUGC( Indian Linux Users Group Chennai) is one of the oldest community in Tech Chennai and running for past 10 years actively. My intention to attend this meetup was to meet one of the amazing open source community contributor Shrinivasan who has always been a source of inspiration to many, To know more about his contribution. Please do check out his blog goinggnu.


Indian Linux Users Group, Chennai community meets every month on second Saturday at Aerospace Engineering Block, IIT Madras.

Speaker 1:

Ajay started with Various open source licenses available and explored their pros and cons. Explained how the Open Core business model is helping many companies to do their business by open sourcing the core of their software and releasing the other components as proprietary software.


IMG_9393See the slides here

Speaker 2:

Then, Viswaprasath, Mozilla Rep explained about Firefox’s new web extensions API. Now we can builcross-browserer extensions using simple HTML/JavaScript/CSS stack. No need to play around with XUL. He explained the architecture of a simple plugin he developed.



Few links to explore on this

Speaker 3:

Then, I started off my talk on webVR- Virtual reality through browser. I explained about the WebVR API, Aframe Framework, how one can create 3d worlds that can be viewed on browser itself, Sample demo using Aframe. Entity component system. How to compose your own component and use it to your entity.

A-frame is a Javascript framework on top of threejs.



Few links

Then, I explained how the mozilla Tamilnadu community is working to spread Free/Open Software in colleges and organizations.

Join the awesome community to learn and contribute for free software.

Speaker 4:

Finally, Srinivasan gave a lightning talk on few projects ideas that has to be worked out. A firefox plugin to help proofreading tamil wikisource, flipboard alternate in tamil, epub cleaning for, Download report for wikisource ebooks, web application for OCR4WikiSource, Translating city/street names in Tamil for building maps in Tamil.

Then in evening myself and Viswa had chance to talk with Sayaji -Club Lead of KCG, Chennai. He is planning for a 24 hour hackathon in his college. Then We went and met some of the contributors of WOC who contributed along with Survesh. It was an amazing day in Chennai after a very long time.

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