Cross-browser Extension workshop at OdessaJS, Ukraine

I was invited to host a workshop on Cross-browser Extension at OdessaJS which is the largest Javascript conference in Ukraine. It was hosted in the lovely city of Odessa which is situated near the Black Sea. It is called the pearl of the Black Sea. Speakers from over 14+ Countries around the world came here to present. I was fortunate to share the stage with some of the amazing talents of the JS Community.

This city is a touristy place. The summer season is the peak time. People flock from different parts of Europe to enjoy the summer in the Black Sea. Odessa has many Old french styled and Russian styled buildings. The largest opera theatre in Europe is situated in Odessa. I got the chance to visit that place. Also, Potemkin stairs is a famous tourist spot with an amazing view of the Black Sea.

I hosted a 2-hour workshop on Building Cross Browser Extension with javascript. We had around 60 participants for my workshop. It was received well by the audience. People loved it and they all built amazing web extensions by the end of the session.

Speaker’s lunch the previous day of the conference.


Here are some pictures from the conference:



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