[FOSSMeet’19 @NIT Calicut] Building Cross-browser Extension with JS

I was invited to give a talk on “Building Cross-browser Extension with JS” in the FOSSMeet Conference which is the largest Conference dedicated to FOSS(Free & Open Source Software) in India.

Every year, FOSSMeeet happens at NIT College, Calicut. I had the privilege to speak in front of an amazing group of FOSS Enthusiasts. It was a 2-day event. I hosted a 3-hour workshop on the first day of the event. We had nearly 80+ participants attending my workshop.

The event had a line-up of amazing speakers across the globe.



I really enjoyed my 2-day stay in Calicut. NIT has a beautiful campus. The volunteers were extremely helpful.  I love the hospitality. Everything was taken care of by the vibrant volunteer team right from picking me up from the airport, taking care of my food, accommodation, and travel.

IMG_20190216_093140.jpgWith my Co-speaker Bhuvana Meenakshi who spoke about Mixed Reality.



Selfie with the amazing Volunteers team.



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