Mozilla TS Meetup Paris 2018

It’s been a year since I joined the Mozilla’s Tech Speaker(TS) program.

Mozilla Tech Speakers are talented, trained technical speakers who present at conferences, organize workshops and trainings, and mentor others on technologies driving the open web.

Every year, the program conducts a training workshop for all the Tech Speakers. This year, the workshop was hosted in Mozilla’s office in Paris, France. The program committee invited over 30 tech speakers around the globe to Paris to train them and make them better speakers. The selection was based on the activities of the tech speakers. All the active Tech Speakers were invited and I was one among them. It was a great opportunity for me to learn from my peers. learn new technologies Mozilla launched recently and also a great chance to meet my fellow tech speakers whom I only met online.

This was my second International Trip after the Vietnam Trip which I covered in the previous post. I was very much excited and looking forward to the Event.

This TS Meetup is a 2-day event. We had workshops on Mixed Reality, Project things and Web Assembly.  We also had lightning talks by all the Tech Speaker who attended. I gave a talk on Cross Browser Web Extension. I had previously given this talk already in India. SO it was naturally convenient for me to choose this talk. The purpose of this session during the TS meetup is to assess the Tech Speakers on their speaking skills and provide feedback based on that. The panel members were really brilliant and gave really good feedback to each and every Tech speaker who gave a talk there which I hope was really helpful.



Finally, A group pic with all my fellow tech speakers. That’s me in the yellow and black stripe t-shirt in the center.42058914_306237813441219_4277960101681168384_o

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