[PromptConf Chicago, USA] Building Mixed Reality Experiences

I was invited to give a talk on Web-based Mixed Reality in PromptConf Conference in Chicago, USA. The title of my talk was “Building Mixed Reality Experiences -from Zero to Hero”. This was my first time crossing the Atlantic Ocean. The tricky part was getting a US Visa Interview date. Fortunately,  I got an early interview appointment and got my VISA approved.

Now the big part: The Conference is a one-day single-track conference with many lightning talks lined up. Funny thing is, I traveled 10,000 miles all the way from India to the US to give a 10-minute lightning talk. To make the most of my travel, I also gave a talk in a local tech community meetup.

It was overall a great experience for me. This was the second time I am giving a lightning talk. The thing about the lightning talk is you need to be really well-prepared in advance and keep track on time so that you don’t exceed the time given to you. I had to shrink down my content to 10 minute such that I give my audience a good idea about my topic and help them take it further through their own research.

My talk went really well. It was well-received by my audience. Tweets on my talk were flowing in my news feed. I was personally satisfied after my talk.

Here are some tweets:


Here are some pics from the conference:


After a few days, I received this email from the Hostess of the Conference.


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