Setting up the MozillaTN Taskforce

To increase Mozilla Contribution and involvement of Firefox Student Ambassadors in the Committee. Similar to the Mozilla India taskforce. Mozilla Tamilnadu Created Taskforce Teams for the tamilnadu community.


This taskforce aims to bring more contribution activities and involvement of students to the Mozilla Tamilnadu Community.

The listof Taskforce

1) Webmaker Taskforce:

Mentor: gauthamraj Elango | FSA-Eboard,Mozilla rep

2) SuMo Taskforce:

Mentor: jayakumar Sadhasivam | Mozilla Rep

3) Coding taskforce:

Mentor: Vikneshwar | Mozillian

4) Add-ons Development taskforce:

Mentor: Naresh Kumar| Mozilla Rep

5) Firefox OS App Dev taskforce:

Mentor: Viswaprasath KS | FSA Eboard, Mozilla Rep

6) Firefox Student Ambassador Taskforce:

Mentor: Karthickeyan(me) | FSA- RAL

Peers: Abhiram Ravikumar | FSA-RAL

7) Localization Taskforce: 

Mentor: Khaleel Jageer | Mozilla rep , ta-localizer

Peers: Gowtham venkat | Mozillian, Club lead Amrita Univ, Coimbaotore

8) Documentation Taskforce:

Mentor: Mohammed Adam | Mozillian, Club Lead Mailam Engg college, Villupuram

9)Evangelism Taskforce:

Mentor: Vigneswaran.D | Mozilla Rep

10) Geolocation Taskforce:

Mentor: Makilan | Mozillian

This list was finalized based on the performance, Activities and Applications submitted by the FSA’s after the WOC program.

To know what WOC program is, Check this out:

Hope this taskforce teams  will work with dedication and determination to improve and increase Mozilla’s presence in Tamilnadu and far.

MozStall at PES University, Bangalore south Campus

Date: October 2 & 3 2015

venue: PES university South Campus, bangalore

Nos of Attendees: 200+C__Data_Users_DefApps_AppData_INTERNETEXPLORER_Temp_Saved Images_21880034642_be6f446d6f_z
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Abhiram- RAL from bangalore invited me to his college to conduct a MozStall during InGenius hackathon that is to be held in his college in bangalore.  I accepted the invitation and was ready for my first Mozilla event outside Tamilnadu.

Arrived Bangalore on October 1 22:00hrs in Bangalore.

Checked in the hotel and met Mozilla rep and RAL Akshay Tiwari from Hyderabad. it was the first time we were meeting.

On October 2: Around 9:00AM we took a cab and reached the venue PES university, South Campus. Campus was So beautiful with majestic tall buildings. Since it was a national holiday, There was no traffic jam reaching the venue, which is expected to be worst during other days.

In the college, We met Soumya Deb-he is a tech evangelist and Cofounder of Applait. He is also a Mozilla rep who resides in bangalore. He was already in the venue an hour back.

We were all recieved by Abhiram Ravikumar– RAL from bangalore and other Mozillians from MVIT firefox Club who were already there on the venue. We all finally set our stall by 10:30.

InGenius hackathon had a huge number of participants mostly from PES College and few from other colleges that also includes Students from NIT Trichy. We had a great number of Developers/geeks and i was super excited to meet them all.

Soumya Deb and Abhiram gave a small introduction talk to the gathering and also announced about the MozStall that was set up right next to the Hackathon Hall.

We got lot of swags to give away to the audience.

Initially we had a slow moving crowd. In an hour our Stall was over flowed with many number of Developers asking us about Mozilla and FSA program.We answered lot of queries, also we gave away swags to the people.We also had queries related to Firefox Developer Edition, QA in Mozilla.

Mohammed Rafy- A fellow mozilian & Intern at Scrollback gave a surprise visit to the Event. We discussed about the event and future plans in expanding the Mozilla community.

We then had our lunch and then resumed our Work till 6PM. After talking to lot of people. We were all tired and were slowly leaving the venue by 7pm after our dinner.

Photos: The three FSA- RAL’s in one pic.

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We, The RAL’s  were featured in Mozilla blog. Check out



Weeks of Contribution program- An Initiative by Mozilla Tamilnadu Community

Hey guys,

Our Mozilla Tamilnadu Community’s Flagship Initiative this year is the WOC [ Weeks of Contribution] program.

WOC program Concept was initiated by our Mozilla rep Viswaprasath KS. The aim of this program is to bring more contributors to Mozilla.

It will also be a great opportunity for those who are in remote places and lack exposure. Since most of the Reps are in cities and chances are less for the Students in remote places to get a Live experience.

Hence we decided to make it ONLINE, so that everyone can access it from anywhere and anytime.

The Concept:

-Every Week, One of the contributors from our community takes initiative to take a session on one particular area of contribution that he/she is familiar with over Hangouts on Air.
-We then Create a FB Event page, Etherpad link, IRC channel and invite people on FB, Twitter, Telegram and through our Community mailing list.
-Each Session lasts up to 30-40 minutes approx. and ends with a Q & A Session over IRC. participants asks their doubts on IRC
-After the session. We conduct a Hands-on Workshop on the following week on what we taught over IRC.
[Say, We had one Session on Localization taken by Mozilla Rep Khaleel jageer of our community. On the following week we had IRC session where he helped lots of new contributors on creating a new account on verbatim and also instructed step by step, such that everyone learns together and if anyone gets stuck, We were all there to help.]
[For App Dev, ViS has encouraged many new contributors to create a GitHub page for their clubs and then create a App for their Club Website. We also have an active telegram group for ‘App Development team’]
We have covered topics like
  • Localization by Khaleel [REP]
  • MDN & Documentation by Karthic Keyan[ myself]
  • App Development by Viswa [ REP, FSA-Eboard]
  • Add-ons Development by Naresh [ REP, Senior Contributor]
  • WOMOZ by Shivika Sinha [ Club Lead, Super cool FSA]
  • MLS by Viswaprasath
  • SuMo by Khaleel
  • Club Website creation by Viswa
We thought that, to reach many FSA’s throughout the region, The only easiest and feasible way is through online activities.
To encourage participation and create a competitive as well as fun environment., We conducted Contests.
Like MLS contests, Localization Contests, Logo Design contests etc. We have a local leaderboard that is setup in our Community website. We track our local participants in sync with the global leaderboard scores and update the same in our local leaderboard and give away swags at the end of the contests for the top scorer.
Our community has grown with Awesome new contributors through this program and We believe this WOC Program will bring a good attention if implemented in other Communities also.
Meanwhile you can also check out my WOC program on Documentation and MDN- CLICK HERE

FSA Meetup Chennai

Date: 05 th July  2015

Location: Mcdonalds Valasaravakkam
Time: 1: 30 pm to  6 :30 Pm
  • Karthic keyan/ RAL- Tamilnadu [Myself]
  • Vigneshwer Dhinakaran /  Mozilla Rep
  • Naresh kumar/ Mozilla Rep
  • Venkatesh
  • Bharat
  • Mohammed Adam
  • Annamalai
  • T.H.Jagadesh
Picture Link :
Groups: Whatsapp group created and active.
Event Covered:
  • The event was a gathering of FSA’s / Mozillians who were interested to learn , contribute ,Share things about Mozilla . 
  • The event  mainly educated  mozillians and FSA to take up more roles in community building activities in Chennai.
  • Mozilla Chennai club was inaugurated. 
  • Planning and scheduling of upcoming events. 
  • Covered    topics such as Mozilla club, MDN, SUMO , Web literacy, Privacy ,  MLS ,  Webmaker ,  Localization, FireFox OS , and  different kind of events  like Appdays,  Hackathons, Marketplace days etc.
  • FoxYeah Campaign was discussed in detail.
  • Discussed etherpad hands on and related tools for  community functioning 
Upcoming Events in Chennai  :
  • Firefox OS App days in SRM Easwari – Sept – Karthic
  • Mozilla Chennai Club inaugural event –  Aug – Naresh
  • HTML5/JS DevCOn – DEC – Vigneshwer
  • Firefox OS appdays and mini hackathon – SEPT – Villipuram – Adam

My RAL Starter KIT- First Swags from Mozilla

Hey all,

Today [25-09-2015] Received my RAL Starter Kit from Mozilla through FedEx.

This is my First Swag pack from Mozilla.

I haven’t received any Swags from Mozilla till then.

I expected a Shirt and stickers. But when I opened the box. I was awestruck.

There were lotsss and lots of goodies in it.

1 Firefox T-Shirt

2 Sipper Water Bottle

5 Coolers

5 pen drives of 1GB

30 pens

20 pocket Diary

Thank you TJ Lee- Community Manager FSA and Mozilla for showing so much of love.

So guys., give your fullest support and dedication to Mozilla., And Mozilla will recognize you and reward.

IMG_20150925_212806 WP_20150925_003 WP_20150926_003

firefox for Windows 10 Campaign Challenge

Hey guys,

This is a blogpost on the Upcoming Firefox Campaign Challenge that will be taking place in 3 different places.




Event Date: TBD [September month]


Goals: Retaining Firefox Users on Windows 10

Target markets: Existing Firefox users in markets where we have high percentage of Windows 7 and 8.1 users

The Product: The latest Firefox release on August 11 focused on performance, stability and UX to integrate Firefox into the Windows 10 experience.


  • To Show users that Firefox is the right browser for Windows 10.
  • Communicate our differentiating values: Choice, Privacy and Quality
  • Educate our users about how they can maintain their choices and preferences before and after their upgrade experience.

What Firefox offers…

What is Firefox

  • Firefox is the trusted Web browser of choice for hundreds of millions of people around the world.
  • Firefox puts you in control of your online life and puts everything you need in a personal and customized Web experience.
  • We believe the Web should be open and accessible to all so we make Firefox for Windows, Mac and Linux and localize it in around 90 languages with help from the global Mozilla community
  • Firefox has a streamlined and extremely intuitive design to let you focus on any content, app or website – a perfect balance of simplicity and power.

What has Firefox brought to the Web?

  • The short answer is, so much!
  • We created Firefox more than 10 years ago to deliver choice and control on the Web as part of our mission to promote openness, innovation and opportunity online. Today, Firefox is the only trusted and independent choice.
    • Twice awarded Most Trusted Internet Company by Ponemon institute
    • Created by a non-profit, global community focused on putting users in the driver seat.
  • We are moving the Web forward as a platform. Just a few examples:
    • We’ve been first with leading privacy features and initiatives like DNT and the LightBeam add-on and dedicated to improving privacy with things like: guest browsing, the Forget Button and our continued work on Tracking Protection
    • We’ve pushed standards and pioneered new technologies like 3D graphics on the Web, Web real-time communications and more than 30 new mobile WebAPIs.
    • Firefox has thousands of Firefox Add-ons to customize everything about your Web experience.

Event Agenda:

-Introduction to Open Source
-What is Mozilla and its Mission
-Why firefox
-Install Firefox for Windows 10
-Set Mozilla Firefox as Default browser
-Firefox for Android
-Webmaker for Android
-Tweet the Firefox Browser in Windows Screenshot and hashtag with #Windows10

Swags for those
-Who installed Firefox Browser and Set as Default.
Extra Swags for those
-Who tweets or uploads screenshot on Facebook with hastag #Windows10 #MozTN and #Firefoxforwindows10

PS: If anyone would like to host a Campaign challenge in their School/College, Contact me 🙂

Weeks of Contribution program- Documentation Week

The week of contribution program is a Online Training program on Mozilla Contribution area and Its a 2 months long Program conducted by Mozilla tamilnadu Community.

Each week one Mozilla Contribution area is chosen and Experts from Mozilla tamilnadu Community take over the Live sessions on Google hangouts and on IRC.

This encourages and Motivates more people to Contribute to Mozilla. Since it is an online event, Any one can participate from any corner at their own pace and at their own place.

Mozilla tamilnadu Community has been recognized worldwide with one of our Active contributor Mohammed Adam who was Chosen as the “FSA of the month-July 2015”.

So Far, We have covered topics like:

  • MLS Contest
  • Localization
  • Add-on development
  • Firefox OS App Development
  • Website Creation for Firefox Clubs in tamilnadu on Github
  • Womoz-Women in Mozilla

And For this Week,I took a Session on “MDN Contribution and Documentation”.

Around 8:30PM, I aired on a live hangout session. We had good number of participants from various corners of Tamilnadu as well as from other states of India.

The Session took place for 45mins. and then the Event was followed by a Q&A Session on our IRC channel.

Here is the hangout Video:

Here is the Link to the Slides:

Etherpad Link:

Firefox Growth Campaign at C.Abdul hakeem College of Engineering and Technoogy

Hello Guys,

This is my Experience on Firefox growth Campaign and Mozilla Awareness Week at C.Abdul Hakeem College of Engineering and technology (CAHCET), Melvisharam , vellore, Tamilnadu, India.

You can See my previous Firefox Growth Campaigns here:

On my previous Visit to Vellore, One of the Attendee Mohammed Saqib was so interested to start a Firefox Club in his college. He wanted me to conduct a Mozilla Awareness and Firefox Growth Campaign in his college prior to a Cub Inauguration.

As the Foxyeah Campaign was going on July Month. I immediately accepted his request and Started planning for the Event.

Since it was Ramzan Month, The Event was Scheduled to be conducted after the Ramzan Festival.

On June 24, 2015-Friday

A day before the Event, I had my Final year project zeroth Review. So I departured at 10:00pm from Koyambedu, Chennai and reached vellore by 2:00AM.

I then Started preparing PPT for the Event.

June 25,2015- Saturday-Event day

I woke up at 8:00AM in the morning, booked a cab from Vellore to the Venue.

One of our Mozillian from Vellore and Club lead of Global Institute of Technology joined me. We then reached the Venue by 10:30AM.

The organizer from that college received me and took both of us to the Guest Room. We refreshed and preparing few talking points.

At 11:00AM, the organizer Mohammed Saqib took us to the Seminar hall.


The Students were all Excited. There were nearly 250+ Students who were from 2nd year and 3rd years of IT and CSE.

One of the Student gave a welcome speech and hand over the mic to me.


I addressed the gathering and started my talk with Free and Open Source Software Philosophy. What is open source? why should one contribute to open source? why open source? what are Open Source products?

One of the Audience Started asking questions on Open Source.



Then Started giving intro on Mozilla. and explained them Ways of contribution to mozilla.

I gave interesting facts on Firefox- The Awesomeness of the Web, The Open Web concept, Web Literacy Initiative. The audience were fascinated by fact that the entire firefox browser is made by many Volunteers.


The next Important question I asked the audience “Are we Safe on Internet?” and then the topic went to some privacy issues and how firefox tackles it.


I then showed them 3 different Firefox browsers- The Developer Edition, Nightly browser and the Ordinary browser. And explained them each one of them.

Then I told them about the Makerparty. and showed them few Maker party videos from Nashik, Kochi, Chennai.


I showed them few Events pictures done by Mozilla Tamilnadu Community. Everyone were so excited to be a part of Mozilla.


These are the Feedback we got from Students.



Finally with Volunteers and Organizer,we Cut the Foxyeah Cake and Celebrated with Lots of Selfies 😀



We had our Lunch and Few of the interested audience came to the Guest room and We Discussed on How to Actively conduct FSA Events and gave them handouts to get a overview of FSA program.

View More Pics on Flickr: Click here

Firefox Growth campaign – Vellore

Hello Guys,

This is my second Firefox Growth Campaign and Mozilla Awareness Session conducted in Vellore.

I had many friends in vellore who has been involving in many Social Cause Campaigns and Social Welfare Clubs.I was Inspired by their passion and dedication in creating an impact in the lives of people.

These people were part of clubs were they organize web literacy camps to Underprivileged Children.

After hearing these Inspiring stories, I approached them and wanted to Share what Mozilla has got for them, and how Mozilla is striving for a similar vision and mission like theirs.One of my Friend Abdul mohassin, A student from Global Institute of technology saw few of my posts on Kidzilla and Mozilla Events. He called me and asked me about the Mozilla Stuffs I have been sharing on my FB page.He was so much inspired by the work and Mozilla’s mission. His Reply was “I want to be part of this.”I then Arranged for a half day session on Mozilla and also on Firefox v38 Release celeberation.I basically Started from the Features of latest firefox Browser

  • Pocket Integration
  • Forget Option
  • Reader View
  • Firefox Hello

and then I asked my First question. What is Mozilla and Firefox?I got a Reply from one of the attendees, Microsoft makes internet explorer and likewise Mozilla makes firefox.I gave him some swags for his cool reply., IMG-20150620-WA0005and then I  Started to talk about basics of Internet, How Search Engine works and then I enlightened them about Privacy on Internet.They were Awestruck hearing the facts on privacy. I also told everyone to Download firefox browser to be safe on Internet.We then had some snacks and cakes for 15-20 minutes.And then Resumed our Sesion on Mozilla’s Mission. I showed them Mozilla Story Video on youtube.WP_20150620_003I explained on Mozilla Contribution areas., and told them the Hierarchy in Firefox Student Ambassador program. Since Everyone were college-goers, they were delighted to spread mozilla love in their campus and rock on as a FSA member.Everyone of them registered for FSA immediately.

Finally we took few selfies 😀IMG-20150620-WA0022 IMG-20150620-WA0021

The Swags that I gave off to the attendees 🙂


View more Pics on Flickr: Click here

Firefox Spring Campaign- katpadi

Firefox Spring Campaign On 26 June 2015 in Katpadi

Firefox Growth Campaign was Started this month for promoting and to celebrate Firefox latest Release. FIREFOX v38.

To Celebrate and to Spread the Love to Mozilla Firefox.

I, Hosted a Mozcoffee in katpadi, with People from VIT University who wanted to gain knowledge on Open Source, Mozilla and to be a part of the Open Web and Awesomeness.


I started my Event with an Icebreaker Session.

Everyone introduced themselves. I then Started talking about Free and Open Source Softwares.

I gave them Introduction about Mozilla and What Mozilla Does. With that I moved into contribution areas.

Number of Attendees: 8

  • Karthickeyan
  • Chetan Chowdhry
  • Ankush Singee
  • Prasanth Jain
  • Arjun
  • Methun
  • Adesh
  • Prayag praveen

One thing Everyone liked was Webmaker. I showed them Xray goggles, thimble and Popcorn maker. Also showed them the demo on Webmaker for Android

I also taught them on Firefox OS Appmaker. They were amazed to see how Firefox OS Apps can be created with 0 knowledge of Coding

first of all, Except 2, none knew about firefox OS before.

Since that, they loved the way Firefox OS is, also one of the attendees booked the Intex Firefox OS device on Snapdeal on the same day.

I then told them about the Foxyeah contest, thats been going on around.

After that, I told them the new features of Firefox 38 browser.

The Features like:

  • Pocket Integration
  • Forget Option
  • Reader View
  • Firefox Hello

At the End, I distributed Mozilla Swags- Stickers and tattoos. Since they didnt expect all these before. They were so excited on seeing them.

More Photos on Flickr : Click Here