Firefox Growth campaign – Vellore

Hello Guys,

This is my second Firefox Growth Campaign and Mozilla Awareness Session conducted in Vellore.

I had many friends in vellore who has been involving in many Social Cause Campaigns and Social Welfare Clubs.I was Inspired by their passion and dedication in creating an impact in the lives of people.

These people were part of clubs were they organize web literacy camps to Underprivileged Children.

After hearing these Inspiring stories, I approached them and wanted to Share what Mozilla has got for them, and how Mozilla is striving for a similar vision and mission like theirs.One of my Friend Abdul mohassin, A student from Global Institute of technology saw few of my posts on Kidzilla and Mozilla Events. He called me and asked me about the Mozilla Stuffs I have been sharing on my FB page.He was so much inspired by the work and Mozilla’s mission. His Reply was “I want to be part of this.”I then Arranged for a half day session on Mozilla and also on Firefox v38 Release celeberation.I basically Started from the Features of latest firefox Browser

  • Pocket Integration
  • Forget Option
  • Reader View
  • Firefox Hello

and then I asked my First question. What is Mozilla and Firefox?I got a Reply from one of the attendees, Microsoft makes internet explorer and likewise Mozilla makes firefox.I gave him some swags for his cool reply., IMG-20150620-WA0005and then I  Started to talk about basics of Internet, How Search Engine works and then I enlightened them about Privacy on Internet.They were Awestruck hearing the facts on privacy. I also told everyone to Download firefox browser to be safe on Internet.We then had some snacks and cakes for 15-20 minutes.And then Resumed our Sesion on Mozilla’s Mission. I showed them Mozilla Story Video on youtube.WP_20150620_003I explained on Mozilla Contribution areas., and told them the Hierarchy in Firefox Student Ambassador program. Since Everyone were college-goers, they were delighted to spread mozilla love in their campus and rock on as a FSA member.Everyone of them registered for FSA immediately.

Finally we took few selfies 😀IMG-20150620-WA0022 IMG-20150620-WA0021

The Swags that I gave off to the attendees 🙂


View more Pics on Flickr: Click here

Firefox Spring Campaign- katpadi

Firefox Spring Campaign On 26 June 2015 in Katpadi

Firefox Growth Campaign was Started this month for promoting and to celebrate Firefox latest Release. FIREFOX v38.

To Celebrate and to Spread the Love to Mozilla Firefox.

I, Hosted a Mozcoffee in katpadi, with People from VIT University who wanted to gain knowledge on Open Source, Mozilla and to be a part of the Open Web and Awesomeness.


I started my Event with an Icebreaker Session.

Everyone introduced themselves. I then Started talking about Free and Open Source Softwares.

I gave them Introduction about Mozilla and What Mozilla Does. With that I moved into contribution areas.

Number of Attendees: 8

  • Karthickeyan
  • Chetan Chowdhry
  • Ankush Singee
  • Prasanth Jain
  • Arjun
  • Methun
  • Adesh
  • Prayag praveen

One thing Everyone liked was Webmaker. I showed them Xray goggles, thimble and Popcorn maker. Also showed them the demo on Webmaker for Android

I also taught them on Firefox OS Appmaker. They were amazed to see how Firefox OS Apps can be created with 0 knowledge of Coding

first of all, Except 2, none knew about firefox OS before.

Since that, they loved the way Firefox OS is, also one of the attendees booked the Intex Firefox OS device on Snapdeal on the same day.

I then told them about the Foxyeah contest, thats been going on around.

After that, I told them the new features of Firefox 38 browser.

The Features like:

  • Pocket Integration
  • Forget Option
  • Reader View
  • Firefox Hello

At the End, I distributed Mozilla Swags- Stickers and tattoos. Since they didnt expect all these before. They were so excited on seeing them.

More Photos on Flickr : Click Here

MDN’S 10th Anniversary

MozillaDeveloperNetworkI would like to wish MDN a very great and happy day. Today is MDN’s 10th Anniversary. Whenever I use the word ‘MDN’ , it is obviously the Mozilla Developer Network. Millions of users and thousands of volunteers , developers and contributors are celebrating MDN’s 10th Anniversary today . I would like to remember you that the original Mozilla Developer Network wiki site was launched on 23 July, 2005 . So , MDN is celebrating its 10 years of excellence and dedication in the web development on the web.


There are few questions which arises in our mind whenever we hear about MDN that are as follows :

1. What is MDN (Mozilla Developer Network) ?

The MDN community is a group of staff and volunteers with the goal of providing useful information and utilities to web developers. Mozilla Developer Network (MDN) is an open and collaborative learning platform for Web technologies (HTML, CSS and JavaScript).

2. What is vision of MDN ?

MDN’s vision is a world where software development begins with web development.

3. What is mission of MDN ?

MDN’s mission is to enable, inspire and collaborate to make the Web the primary platform used to create experiences across all connected devices.


MDN goes beyond providing essential coding information; it addresses developers’ needs through its supporting community of volunteer developers, with the aim of inspiring ideas, encouraging collaboration and ultimately, fostering the growth of the open Web. For a wide range of Web developers, from learners to hobbyists to full‐time professionals, MDN provides useful explanations for coding practice, instructions on downloading and building code, articles on how the code works. It also gives guidance on how to build add‐ons for Mozilla applications and apps for Firefox OS, user‐submitted runnable demos of Web technologies, and helpful answers on development planning and strategy.

Currently, MDN has over 4 million users per month and more than 1000 volunteer editors per month, worldwide.


Some keyfacts about MDN :

  • Original MDN wiki site launched on 23 July, 2005
  • Today it is one of the richest resources on the Web for documentation with 34,500 documents and climbing
  • 1000+ people edit MDN every month
  • More than 20,000 contributors have made about 510,000 edits to date
  • Currently MDN has about 4.2 million users per month
  • So far, MDN editors created 13,200 English pages and made 21,200 translations in 42 locales
  • 300+ web terminology glossary


Updations and accomplishments in chronological order :

  • 2005: Mozilla obtained a license from AOL to use content from Netscape’s DevEdge site. The DevEdge content was mined for still‐useful material, which was then migrated by volunteers into a wiki so it would be easier to update and maintain. The new wiki was launched in July 2005 as Mozilla Developer Center (MDC), also known as “devmo,” shorthand for its domain name, “”
  • 2010: The name was changed to Mozilla Developer Network (MDN), reflecting the site’s growth into a nexus for all developer documentation related to the Mozilla Project and open web technologies.
  • 2011: A “Demo Studio” section was added for web developers to share and show off their code, along with learning pages to provide links to tutorials.
  • 2014: The basic learning pages have been expanded into “Learn the Web” content for beginning web developers, including a web terminology glossary, which Mozilla staff and volunteers will continue to develop over the next few years.

For detailed queries and information , you may visit following links :

  1. Web:
  2. Twitter:
  3. Newsgroup:!forum/mozilla.mdn
  4. Events: MDN community events


Kidzilla Event at Government Middle School, Pudupair Village

March 26th, 2015:

This is the day when i realized Gandhiji’s sayings., “India Lives in villages“.

I always wished to interact with the School students in the Villages than the urban Kids.

It was a bit of grief, because Even a Class 8 Student in that village was unaware about internet.

This was when i decided to conduct regular Kidzilla Events in Villages.

The Urban kid will anyway learn about internet. but what will be the fate of a Village kid. With heart Full of Determination to spread Web Literacy. I took on my First Session about the basics of computer and Internet to the Class 6 Students of Government Middle School in Puduper Village

At 8:00 AM i departured to Puduper Village with few Mozilla goodies that i was left with during the last Event.

At 9:30, I reached the Goverment School. I was welcomed by the school management.

The School is tamil medium based.So i took the session fully in Tamil so that everyone understand clearly.

The session was for 3 hrs. I slowly started explaining students about computer and internet basics, and every now and then i raised questions to which many students answered boldly and correctly.

Students were given Mozilla Stickers, tatoos and badges who told the right answers. This encouraged many students to interact, and they were all listening keenly so that they can get goodies by answering my questions.

WP_20150323_018 WP_20150325_009 WP_20150325_010 WP_20150325_011 WP_20150325_012 WP_20150325_016 WP_20150325_018 WP_20150325_025 WP_20150325_027 WP_20150325_031 WP_20150325_032 WP_20150325_039

At the End of the Day i was Satisfied in my work. And I then decided to Spread web literacy to Village Students.

Mozilla at Android Amaze in VIT University

21st March 2015:

Android Amaze- 24hrs hackathon, Record Breaking Event-The Biggest of its kind at VIT University,Chennai Campus11008415_1090868007609238_3553702149458230344_n

A moment of Satisfaction when i was invited to Join along with other mozilians to promote Mozilla in that Event. I readily agreed upon and Committed to give the best of what i can.

2 Weeks Prior, We Started the preparation along with other Mozilians and Reps.

and here’s the list of mozilians:

  • Tejdeep( Club lead of VIT MozClub )
  • Viswaprasath(Rep)
  • Achyuth(Rep)
  • Abhiram
  • Karthickeyan(me)
  • Manivannan
  • Franklin
  • Subhash Daggubati


[INSIDE PIC: (From left) Viswaprasath, Manivannan, Abhiram, Karthickeyan(me),  Achyuth, Franklin, Subash]

And We were guided by Viswaprasath and GauthamRaj(Reps) what and How to make this event successful.

At 10:00AM:

All the mozilians reached the Venue. This is the Coolest University i have ever visited.VIT Chennai is a beautiful place with tall buildings and a Splendid Ambience.

We then Set up Moz Booth that comprises of

  • FSA Stall
  • Mozilla Stumbler
  • Firefox OS

Firefox OS Stall was handled by Viswaprasath.

FSA Stall was done by Abiram Kumar,Achyuth, Manivannan and me.

Mozilla stumbler was handled by Franklin and Subhash.

Viswaprasath got his Firefox Flame,Intex and Spice phones along with him to Display in the stall.

IMG_20150321_143059004_HDRIMG_20150321_135736397_HDR   IMG_20150321_151216938_HDR

This Event is a 24hours of Android App Development. In between lots of tech talks were going on.

And by 11:00AM, We were all Set with our Stall.

We then requested to make an announcement about the Mozilla Stall to the participants.

By few minutes, We started receiving many good response from the participants. Many asked about Mozilla. We then Explained what mozilla is and also explained them how one could contribute to Mozilla.

We then had firefox os Phones for Display. People were amazed by its affordable cost and Beautiful Simplified and Intitutive Interface.


We had varied participants comprising of Students,Faculties, Industry experts, Employees etc.


By Evening, We had talked to over 300+ visitors of the Stall about Mozilla. and that was the Achievement i felt.

Contributing to MDN

Hey friends,

It was one fine weekend, i was at my native place relaxing and facebooking.. Then I saw a poll from Our Mozilla Rep ViswaPrasath in Mozilians chennai group on facebook Capture1

Since I already had previous Experience in Contributing to Mozilla Developer Network, I promptly Voted for “Contributing to MDN”.

Read my Previous post on “My First Contribution to MDN

We had a IRC meetup with other fellow Chennai Mozilians:

  • Viswaprasath
  • Karthic Keyan(myself)
  • Achyuth KP
  • Krishna Pokkuluri
  • Subhash Daggubati
  • Sayan Goswami
  • Shreyas
  • Khaleel Jageer

We had a Small Intro Session where we introduced ourselves.Capture

Link to Etherpad: Click Here

Viswa then Explained about How to Edit Pages on MDN. and every one was given a task to choose a Firefox OS Device and Write Documentation for it.


I chose Alcatel One Touch Fire C Device to Document.

Since I had previous Experience., I was able to Document it very Quickly than before.

I started collecting all necessary details from the official Website and various other  Websites and Created a new Page for that Device and then added it to the Phone Guide Section where consumer Devices were mentioned.


Here is the link to the Device Specs Page Alcatel One Touch Fire C

To see my Previous Contribution on MDN:

Zen U105-Fire

LG fireweb

If you are new to Mozilla and interested in Contributing to MDN.  Feel free to throw your Queries in the Comment Section or drop an Email to

My First Contribution to L10N

Hey Guys,

Here is my Story on how I Started my Journey towards Mozilla Localization.

It was on 26th feb around 4:00PM: I got the notifcation on Mozilians Chennai group on facebook that mentioned Capture

Previously ViswaPrasath had told me about Localization when we had a meet long before. We were discussing on the Various Way to contribute to mozilla then. HE had explained me well about Localization.I was very much interested in tamil localization.

Before I move further, I ll just give a short explanation of what Localization is.

Localization is translating the Mozilla Help contents, Documentations in regional Languages.Since English is not known by all, Localization is very Important So that Every human on planet can read it in his own Language.

How will be the task in Localizaition?

tasks are simple translation.

You will be having  various Sections to translate. You can select one section.,(Say Appmaker), And there will be a number of words and Sentences for which you will be assigned to translate it to your own language.

back to my story….

On Seeing the Post on fb, i was able to recall the convo we had regarding the Need for Localization.

I immediately pinged ViswaPrasath on fb regarding How to Start to contribute in tamil Localization.

He immediately added my mail ID to the Transfeix and sent me the invite.

He gave a task to translate Appmaker in Tamil… I took up the Task as a challenge and tried to complete almost all the words given there..
It had entirely a new experience. Translating words was Seriously Fun.


If you like to Contribute to Mozilla through Localization. Feel free to throw your Queries in the Comment Section or drop an Email to